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Jermain Defoe has apparently held talks with Aston Villa in the last 24 hours with a fee of 10-12 million being reported. I like him as a player but there is no point in him warming our bench for another couple of years which looks likely under Ramos. I'm sure he'll do well for Villa and the simple fact is with Keane and Berbatov both fit, he's only ever going to be a squad player. I wonder if it has anything to do with Danielle Lloyd wanting to be closer to home though?!

It seems as though Stewart Downing's agent is touting him about as much as possible with Spurs being the club constantly linked with him in the papers.

He isn't a bad player imo but he isn't particulary special either, certainly not worth the £10m that is being banded about.

Tottenham have been linked with him for the past couple of seasons so there must be some truth in it but I don't really see what extra he is going to give us when we are already over loaded with average midfield players.


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