Roy Keane claims to have agreed personal terms with 3, if not all 4 of the Tottenham players he put bids in for last week. You know, the deal I said would never happen!

Keane said: "I wouldn't get bogged down with deals being done by today or tomorrow, but I certainly hope they will be by the weekend.

"There is progress being made, but you know the score. You are dealing with clubs and sometimes the players have disagreements with the clubs they're leaving.

"One or two of the issues we're facing are basically out of our hands. It's between the players and Tottenham.

"On personal terms, we're virtually there with three of them, if not four, but there are one or two loose ends to be tied up.

"The four Tottenham lads were very keen to come up and listen to what I had to say.”

I have an uncanny knack of being able to do this. If I say something definitely will not happen it invariably does. Shilpa Shetty having no chance of winning Celebrity Big Brother springs to mind.
So on that note;

We will not sign David Villa and Arsenal will win everything next season.

Getting back to the story at hand, Keane was also questioned about Darren Bent but would not be drawn into any speculation regarding that player.

I can’t see us letting Bent go before the start of the season now, maybe at some point during the season, but I do hope he can turn his Spurs career around.

I’ve got a lot of time for the way Keane handles himself with the media. I have no doubt he can still lose it behind closed doors but he has really impressed me with his attitude since taking over the Black Cats.

I’ve also got time for him taking Pascal off our hands. Let’s hope he doesn’t give Keano a two fingered salute because I’ve got a feeling he might see his darker side. Ok, let’s hope he does.


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