A dossier is typically a briefing paper based on an individual of interest in police or intelligence circles'. That's the Wikipedia definition of a dossier.

My problem is Spurs aren't the police and they are demonstrating about as much intelligence as when they brought Damien Comolli to the club.

I'm sure Utd haven't gone strictly by the rule book where Berbatov is concerned but a dossier worth of wrong doings?! To me a dossier is a little book, maybe 50 or 100 pages, otherwise it's just a letter surely? Although as soon as it enters a thin brown cardboard folder, maybe it automatically becomes a dossier?

Sevilla could certainly provide a healthy dossier on Levy's pursuit of Ramos and I've no doubt Simon Jordan could come up with an even more impressive dossier on his pursuit of Bostock.

If every team did this when their players are approached, Premier League Towers would be renamed Dossier Central.

The hypocrisy here is astounding. Danny, do us all a favour and leave the dossiers to the police or those intelligent circles.


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