He's been a great servant to the club, but would it be best for himself and the team if Robbie Keane made the much speculated move to Liverpool?

Personally, I've always rated Keane as one of the best moaners in the Premiership, he's not a bad striker either. A lot of football fans I speak to are of the opinion that he's average and Spurs would have been far better off keeping Defoe and getting shot of Keane. I can understand this point of view somewhat. Defoe is a more natural goalscorer, possibly the best in the country, and he's shown exactly what he can do since his move to Pompey.

After the defeat away to Grimsby in the Bebop doo bop cup, Martin Jol would not play the two together again if my memory serves me correctly. I'm not sure why the two struggled to play together, possibly not enough height or weight in the combo, they certainly didn't have that spark that some partnerships do.

Although Keane suffered a spell out the side, he got his head down and fought his way back in and his been a permanent fixture and club captain in Ledley's absence ever since.

I do have a lot of time for him and what he's done for Tottenham Hotspur but if we get a transfer fee in the region of £15m from Liverpool I think the sale would be good business. Robbie is a player that gives his all but is his all enough to take Spurs on to that next level? The move would mean Champions League football for him which at 28 years old is something I'm sure he's considering carefully. Spurs aren't there yet and the lure of the CL with Liverpool may be too much for Robbie Keane to turn down.


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