The sooner we get rid of this arrogant mug the better imo. Ever since his performance after the Carling Cup win over Ar5ena1, where he showed a complete lack of respect for the club and it's fans, I've wanted him out. He then added to my hatred by acting like a spoilt brat when he was subbed in the final.

To behave the way him did after two of the greatest games in the club's history was a disgrace. The way he left Wigan should have given me a clue about the type of person he was but his on field performances for them that season and the fact we were going to have the same player in our side made me happy to ignore those actions.

According to today's Sun (I know, great source) both Newcastle and Everton are chasing him in a deal worth £4m.

He's certainly surplus to requirements as far as I'm concerned with Gunter and Hutton in the squad.


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